Ah, the nostalgia of cinematic classics! I dove into the world of Thoovanathumbikal and emerged with this illustration that pays homage to the film's captivating essence - its poignant dialogues, tender connections, and the rain drenched atmosphere that lingers long after the credits roll.

Ever tried turning a photograph into a painting? That's exactly what I did with this illustration of my friend. It's a bit like getting to know her all over again through art. This portrait, lovingly created on Infinite Painter, is more than just an image – it's a celebration of a profound connection and shared memories.

Lights, camera, crossover! I had a blast blending two of my favorite films, Thira and Taken, into a single poster. I carefully selected the most unforgettable dialogue lines from both movies, weaving them together to create a powerful narrative that spans two worlds. It's like a dialogue duet, where the words harmonize to tell a new story.